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Jungle Clash is a free-to-play mobile strategy game developed by MY COM for iOS and Android where you can experience the story of the critically acclaimed Jungle Heat in an all new way. In Jungle Clash you will need to command your own army of jungle fighters and lead them towards your enemy's base down either of two paths. Each path has a tower blocking your advances, so you'll need to carefully choose what lanes you commit your troops to. If you've got a taste for napalm in the air then jump into the jungle and start your way towards domination!


Deck Building: Build a deck of unit cards to take into battle with you that will determine what units you can potentially use to take down your opponent.

PvP Tournaments: Regularly hosted PvP tournaments will give you the chance to earn even more loot and strong cards to add to your deck.

Unique Units: Units will have their own advantages and disadvantages in battles that you will need to learn, but by upgrading them you can push their strengths to untold heights.

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