Karos Online

Note: This game has been cancelled or shut down and is no longer available for play.
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 The original Karos Online has been shut down. It is now available as Karos Returns.

With a strong RPG component, wide range of class skills and fantastic visual combat effects, Karos Online offers a rich player experience and an exciting end-game for guilds, including castle sieges and resource control points. There are a variety of dynamic dungeons to explore, with shifting paths and surprises to challenge players as they progress in level. The economy is well-developed, with mining, fishing and crafting elements and a consignment system for storage.
Karos Online offers rare graphical quality for its small client size, and will be accessible to a vast range of computers with minimal requirements.

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Game Videos

  • Karos Online Cinematic Trailer

    In the name of Karos, fight for your brotherhood. The challenges must be overcome, and they can be pretty ugly – or have bad breath.

  • Karos Online Trailer

    The animated trailer for Karos Online reveals various classes and warfare settings. Which classes do you want to play?

  • Karos Online: Gameplay Video

    Karos, still in development, has a vast land to explore, super flash action moves and it's playable in several languages. View some of the action-fill

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