Khan Wars

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    XS Software

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    2D Medieval, Free To Play, Strategy

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Khan Wars is a free-to-play real-time strategy game taking place in a beautiful 2D medieval fantasy world. Take to your personal kingdom managing resources, building armies, cultivating cities, attacking others, and defending your home at all costs. May the leader with the best tactics win. Available via browser.


To Battle: Adapt to any military situation with over 23 unique combat units to choose from.

Planet Gold: Nurture your economy by juggling food, minerals, building upgrades, and scientific research.

Social Manipulator: Frequently wrestle with the various possible interactions regarding other players. Constantly being on the offensive or defensive won't get you very far, mix and match your options for optimal efficiency.

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  • Khan Wars 2017 Trailer

    Choose your nation and work to expand your kingdom's borders while fending off nefarious invaders.

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