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Kicks Online is a free-to-play 3D soccer MMO(massively multi-player online) developed by Entermate.


Combination of indoor and street soccer will enhance the experience even with limited number of player. Matches could take place in streets, factories or in any other unusual environment.


Key factor to win matches will be teaming up with other players to penetrate defense line of the opponent team and manage systematic defense.Additionally, specific skills are needed to compose well rounded teams able of attack as well as defense.


Characters positions basically consist of FW (attack). MF(midfield), DF (defence),Each position will require special skills and training to hold the position correctly in a game with competition. Depending on the amount of training, equipments, gamers' control skills, along with strategies and other factors, characteristics such as strengths and weaknesses in speed, endurance, agility, keeping, dribbling,tackling, passing, striking, heading, stealing, defense and many other skills will be determined.


Player could experience tackle, centering, overhead shooting and individual skills as you could see in real soccer. A wide range of abilities can be performed through experience and development of each individual characters.


Ceremonies can be created with other teammates to enhance the gaming experience.

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  • Kicks Online Trailer

    Video for Kicks Online showing various tricks and special moves in the game.

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