Killer Queen Black

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  • Developer:
    Liquid Bit

  • Genres:
    2D Fantasy, MOBA

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Killer Queen Black is a hectic multiplayer game featuring easily accessible, but high skill cap action-platforming mechanics. Team up with three other players and fight a rivaling team of four on several different win condition fronts. Available for Windows and the Nintendo Switch.


Tri-Pronged Attack: There are several ways to win including killing the enemy's queen, collecting a sufficient amount of berries, and riding the neutral snail to the edge of the screen.

Arming Up: Use a variety of weaponry like swords, stingers, morning stars, lances, and even laser rifles.

To Battle: Play across several game modes and stages for never-ending competitive excitement!

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  • Killer Queen Black Trailer

    Quickly traverse platform-filled stages stabbing foes and committing hornet regicide all while protecting your own liege.

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