Kingdom Conquest II

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Kingdom Conquest II builds on the success of the original Kingdom Conquest be expanding the already established lore as you wage war to claim an empire that spans across the land. Participate in action combat scenarios, empire building, and global war as you expand your armies, build your castle town, and prove yourself to be the strongest conqueror in the land.


Mobile App: Whether you prefer Android of Iphone, Kingdom Conquest II is fully available for play on either operating system.

Multplayer Action Combat: Team up with up to three other players as you tackle dungeons to claim the ultimate loot and build the strength of one of five conqueror classes.

Build an Army: Collect and level cards to use against your foes in the contest for global domination

Story-Driven: Complete quests to learn more about the world of Magna and the story of your reign.

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  • Kingdom Conquest II Trailer

    SEGA brings the loved original back with new and improved features in Kingdom Conquest II.

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