Kingdoms Rise

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    Flyleap Studios

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Kingdoms Rise is a Multiplayer Fantasy Combat Game featuring brand new game mechanics within its deep 360° sword fighting system and magic abilities. Customize to your heart’s content with a multitude of choices in armors, swords, spells, ranged weapons and more.


360* Sword Fighting: Parry, dodge, and strike in a realistic fashion as you battle it out with your foes in hand-to-hand combat requiring true skill and perfect timing.

Customization: Build out your ideal gladiator without worry of it impacting your viability in combat with a wide range of cloth and metal armors, weapons, and colors to choose from.

Go alone or with friends: Both one on one deathmatches and team deathmatches modes.

Spell Casting: Choose from an array of offensive and defensive spells to customize your fighting style with fire balls, heals, teleportation, and more!

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  • Kingdoms Rise Trailer

    Kingdoms Rise offers intense 360 degree aimed melee combat, fully customizable gladiators, and team deathmatches in exotic arenas.

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