Kings and Legends

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    2D Fantasy, Free To Play, Strategy

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Kings and Legends is a free to play, Gacha CCG with elements of Tower Defense/Attack, by GameSpree. Collect soldiers of varying strength and style, then pit them against your enemy's forces in a 3 lane strategy attack.

Business Model: Free to Play

Microtransactions: Yes: Players may purchase "Gold" which allows a variety of services, including class changes, card packs, and others. Accumulated purchases of Gold count towards increased VIP statuses with cumulative bonuses.

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Warrior, Priest, Mage, Ranger

Gacha: Buy card packs with in game Silver, or use Gold purchased with real money for premium packs. Enchant, combine, and level up over 250 unique cards.

Tournaments and Events: There's always something to do on Kings and Legends, be it PvP focused tournaments, or PvE adventures.

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Game Videos

  • Kings and Legends App Store Trailer

    Kings and Legends is now available on the iphone, bringing its innovative iTCG board game hybrid strategy gameplay to you on the go.

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  • Tanthalas

    Extreme pay-to-win game, and about as simplistic a trading card game as you’ll find (may be a good thing for some, was not for me).