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Knight Age is an MMORPG that focuses on mounted combat. Players can form or join guilds, and their contributions to that guild help it grow stronger. This becomes important in the guild versus guild battles, as every member will contribute to the battles in some way. Players can also raise magical pets called pupa, each with their own unique looks. Pupa can be trained and developed by the player to become powerful in their own right. Instances in the game offer a changing environment, depending on how the players perform. There are several different types of dungeons, including solo and mounted for multiplayer.


Mounted combat: Never leave your trusty steed behind! Attack enemies by horse, tiger, chicken ... you name it. Formations when grouped with others offer tactical bonuses that can't be ignored.

Guild system:
The Order of Knights needs the cooperation of all members. Work together with your fellows in battles against other guilds, and to raise your reputation. Share tactics and commands in real time with your fellows to dominate your opponents!

Instance Dungeons: Face dungeons that evolve depending on your actions. Each dungeon feels alive and interactive as you challenge yourself to complete it. Enjoy solo dungeons, or join with friends to tackle more difficult content.

Pet System: Find an egg from a monster, and raise it into a powerful ally called a pupa. Train them and level them up to assist you further. They, in turn, will give you magical gems called Pantas that you can use to upgrade your equipment. Train them well, and they'll make you even stronger!

Vibrant World: Enjoy the colorful graphics and amusing, unique NPCs. Travel the world and see lush forests, snow-covered mountains, or the rocky cliffs seaside. Change your character's appearance through various means, like defeating monsters for a truly unique look.

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