Knights Chronicle

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    Netmarble Games

  • Genres:
    Fantasy, Free To Play

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Knights Chronicle is a 3D adventure role-playing game featuring action packed fully-animated combat. Make the journey Garniel to help a weakened goddess discover a rapidly approaching threat all while learning the planet's dark history.

Business Model: Free-to-Play

Microtransactions: Yes, there are gems, costumes, and other items available for sale.

Key Features:

Camaraderie: Recruit 100s of heroes each equipped with their own unique skills and talents.

Star-Studded Cast: Enjoy exciting cutscenes accompanied by famous voice actors.

Fierce Competition: Test your might against the best players from around the world in real-time multiplayer.

Guildman Mode: Join up with a few guildmates and try to defeat epic bosses for a chance at legendary loot.

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