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Knight's Fable is a free to play fantasy MMORPG, promising all the great features players love.


Thousands of Items: Raid dungeons, recover ancient gear, and then refine and enchant it to make yourself incredibly powerful.

Capture & Train Pets: Capture exotic creatures and train them to fight with you. Each has their own unique set of skills and stats.

Recruit Heroes: Visit taverns to recruit from hundreds of unique heroes, which you can also level, train, and fight with.

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  • PainKiSs

    hi were i can find server ? my account lost answere me please 🙁

  • daniel

    how do you log back on if you x out of the game without logging

  • Gory Bloodfest

    anyone needing support go here:

  • mac francis

    share game

  • James Coite

    DO NOT GIVE ANY MONEY TO KNIGHTS FABLE OR GTARCADE!!!! if there is a problem with any rewards or events,their compensation is roughly 1/10 of actual losses if you’re enough as a free to play,but do not invest your money, it’s not worth it.

  • KFable

    Here fan site –

  • James Brooks

    I am trying to play it and now it doesn’t even have a server for me to enter. If there was no server why did itkeep it on the rpg list on other sites? Its ridiculous that I can’t play it at all.