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    2D Fantasy, Fantasy, Fighting

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Koihime Enbu is a 2D fantasy fighting game developed by UNKNOWN GAMES for PS3, PS4, and PC. It has already been launched in Japan on PS3 and PS4, and is expecting a Western release on PC in May, 2016. Koihime Enbu reimagines the Romance of Three Kingdoms as an arcade-style fighting game that features selectly female playable characters. By drawing upon its fighting game roots, Koihime Enbu seeks to provide both casual and veteran fighting game players with a crisp, beautiful stage to eliminate their opponents on.


Manageable Mechanics: Koihime Enbu provides players with controls and mechanics that are manageable for newcomers, yet challenging for veterans.

Assist Characters: Add assist characters to your team to create deeper strategies.

Female Characters: Koihime Enbu's roster of 13 playable characters is selectively female, but each character has its own unique move set.

Special Moves: By using your Tactics Meter wisely you can execute special moves, ex special moves, super moves, and ultimate moves!

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Game Videos

  • Koihime Enbu Trailer

    Koihime Enbu, an arcade fighting game featuring gender-swapped Romance of the Three Kingdoms characters, launches May 19 on Steam.

  • Koihime Enbu Fighting Trailer

    Koihime Enbu is heading for a localized Steam release! With clean visuals, 13 unique characters, and assist combo strikes, this is not a fighting game to o

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