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Sail into unknown seas in Kultan, a free-to-play MMORPG from Bigpoint. Set in a world where storms have kept the oceans unsailable for centuries, adventurers can now take to the seas, exploring the world in search of fame and fortune. Top-down and browser-based, this MMO features nautical combat and an expansive world.


Beautiful Graphics: Kultan is built on the Unity 3D engine, offering high quality graphics within your browser.

Three Factions: Choose between the Caliphate Almeerah, Tian Empire, or Republic of Gudtholm to lay your allegiance and declare your enemies.

Control Your Own Ship: Navigate through the world on your own ship, which may be upgraded and improved as you grow more powerful - or change to one of dozens of ship types.

Battle Against Others: Join forces with other players on player-versus-player maps, earning Honor Points for your prowess.

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    Kultan Online takes you on a mystical journey to the edge of the Earth.

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