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Kunlun Online is a 2.5D Chinese fantasy-themed MMORPG based on mythological classic Shan Hai Jing.

In the beginning of the time, Pan Gu, the first God, split the cosmic egg of Yin and Yan and created the Sky and Earth. Goddess Nüwa then created human from clay. Soon after, three realms emerged: Gods and immortals took home in the Sky(Heaven); Human lived on the Earth and established tribes as population grew; and evil sprits infested the under world called Nether World. Conflicts and warfare thereafter never stopped as the gods and demons sought ruthlessly for dominance and assert influence over the human.

Kunlun Mountain, first made a pillar by Pan Gu to prevent the Sky from falling, was built into a paradise where gods and immortals dwelled when they were on the Earth. Taosits also gathered here to practice alchemy and body-spirit cultivation in questing for immortality. Therefore, Kunlun was endowed magical powers appealing to all and invited never ending chaos. It is mission of every player to search for the divine magic, unite the tribes, fend off the evil force, and restore the harmony that once blessed the world.

Key features include
- A beautiful divine world - with mythical creatures unseen, stories unheard of , and rituals never experienced before
- Dazzling PVP system - players are free to engage in battles in form of tribe vs. tribe, clan vs. clan, team vs. team, or one on one, and get rewarded with loots and glory.
- DIY your characters - choose from various skills and freely allocate points to your like
- Unique equipment enhancement - legend says the Five Elements can strengthen or weaken each other. One's power becomes unpredictable when he or she enhances equipments with the star-upgrade and the five-element gem inlay
- Never fight alone - powerful and royal pets are always at your side

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