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    KOG Games

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    Other, Free To Play

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KurtzPel is the upcoming anime-styled, third-person, action-oriented, battle intensive MMO. It is being developed by KOG Games, makers of Elsword and Grand Chase.

Business Model: Unknown, but KOG tends towards Free-to-play titles.

Microtransactions: Unknown, but KOG tends towards Free-to-play titles, so probably yes.

Key Features:

Classes: KurtzPel will utilize a twin "Karma" system, where you can equip a Karma (job/class) as primary, and another as secondary, allowing for myriad combinations of powersets.

PvE or PvP, Something for Everyone: With a wide variety of game modes for PvP, and a rich story mode for PvE, just about anyone will find something to do in KurtzPel

Rich Customization: Not only will the Karma system allow for skill/powerset customization, a full costume system, complete with dyes, will allow you to look how you want, without relying on gear stats to determine your appearance. Fully customize your avatar's hair, eyes, and skin color as well!

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Game Videos

  • KurtzPel Aegis Knight

    Luna Erudon, descendant of Ancient KurtzPel 'Ronan Erudon' brings her all new Karma, Aegis Knight to KurtzPel. Protect the Battlefield: 7/15/2020

  • KurtzPel Cinematic Trailer

    Cinematic trailer for the upcoming third-person, action-battle MMO, KurtzPel, by KOG games, makers of Grand Chase and Elsword Online

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