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Land of Britain is a 3D Fantasy MMORPG created on Unreal Engine 4 and developed by Potato Killer Studios. In Land of Britain players will find themselves in a huge and dynamic world that is even affected by atmospheric changes. A player's character can be created from a wide array of races and classes, and the character's storyline will begin to unfold as progress is made. Some storylines will even begin to interweave with each other as players find out where they truly belong in the gorgeous land of Britannia. Those who pick up crafting professions can even take delight in storylines dedicated to them! Land of Britain has both PvE and PvP content for players to choose from, but there is also KvK (Kingdom versus Kingdom) content to play which pits many different races and a massive amount of players against each other!


Deep Character Choices: Upon character creation, players are able to choose from 3 different Kingdoms, each of which has 6 different races and 6 uniquely named classes attributed to it. Although some of these classes between Kingdoms exist to serve the same purposes for gameplay, this tallies up to a total of 18 races and 18 uniquely named classes!

Kingdom Versus Kingdom: Three Kingdoms exist in Land of Britain: the prideful Avalon, then Norsengard of the cold regions, and the nature loving Talamhria. Each of these Kingdoms are made up of 6 different races each looking to preserve their presiding Kingdom's influence, and these Kingdoms are who are pitted against each other in Kingdom Verses Kingdom events.

Application Support: Land of Britain is planned to have coincide with 5 different support applications, a card game, and even allow social network sharing.

Creative Leveling System: Land of Britain's leveling system is unique in that decisions made early on for a character aren't intended to be game-changing. Levels 1-24 are meant to allow the player to adjust to their character's play-style, whereas levels 25-50 are where choices will build upon a character's previous skills, letting the player slightly mold their character's play-style to their preference.

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