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Langrisser Schwarz is based on a popular early 90s RPG series, reimagined for the 21st century in full blazing MMO glory. Join the forces of Light, Dark, or Force and march against your enemies in an epic story driven game full of action combat and betrayal.


Mercenary System: Select various types of soldiers and give out general commands. The AI follows your general battle formations and assists you in combat.

Endless Class Selection: Experience 6 different class trees making up 72 total jobs.

Faction vs Faction vs Faction: After being quizzed by the goddess, take up arms as the alliance of good, evil or force to do battle through PvE and PvP.

Action Combat System: Aim your most powerful skills to strike down your foes in style. Point and Click players need not apply.

Card System: Create a deck and utilize the power of buff, trap, and damage cards to further increase your arsenal of abilities.

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