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Last Chaos is a free 3D online role playing game (MMORPG), based on the war-torn fantasy continent of Iris. Players take part in action packed adventures in their quest to become powerful members of this fantastic world.

Role-playing fans will enjoy the varied choice of six different character classes. From battle proved Titans, noble Knights, Rogues that dart through the shadows, to powerful Mages, Healers and Sorcerers. Any player in Last Chaos will be able to find a favorite in-game counterpart. Fans of player versus player battles can also look forward to epic and fascinating challenges. Prepare yourself for the unforgettable experience of guild fights as well as battles for territory and citizens. Far from the battleground, traders and crafters also have their place in the world of Last Chaos. From gathering raw materials to crafting your own high quality items, players enjoy numerous possibilities to interact with the world around them.

Last Chaos distinguishes itself through highly varied quests, breathtaking 3D graphics, action packed gameplay, and the mystic atmosphere of thousands of players on the continent of Iris.

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