Last Epoch

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    Eleventh Hour Games

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    Fantasy, Free To Play

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Last Epoch is a fantasy action RPG featuring a grand time-travelling story coupled with extensive end-game content to enjoy after the fact. Begin your journey from humble beginnings and rise to legendary status by rewriting the past to save the world from a terrifying potential future. Available for Windows.


Tick Tock: Journey through 4 unique time periods and observe the various changes to a familiar scene.

Movin' On Up: Take on a basic profession like rogue or warrior and upgrade them into master classes Bladedancer or Paladin.

Where the Fun Begins: Don't let your hero go to waste! Explore the vast amount of activities to visit after the narrative has come to close such as competing in the seasonal PVP, challenging the boss attack mode, trading and collecting a wealth of items, and completing tough achievements.

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