Last Regiment

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    Boomzap Entertainment

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    2D Fantasy, Fantasy, Strategy

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Last Regiment is an upcoming fantasy-themed strategy game that features both singleplayer and multiplayer content. Last Regiment is also the successor to Legends of Callasia and is expected to expand upon its systems and features for faster, deeper, more strategic gameplay. Little is known about the game currently as it is still in an early alpha state.


Singleplayer Campaign: Fight through a campaign of strategic battles and prove you got a strategist's mind.

Multiplayer Battles: Fight against other players online and find out who is superior! You might just be surprised by your own skills.

Map Editor: Last Regiment features a new built-in map editor. Now you can make your own maps and challenges and share them with your friends!

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  • Last Regiment Launch Trailer

    The continent of Kothia is a dangerous place, ravaged by war, monsters, and a magical apocalypse. Still, its people lead tough but honorable lives, and liv

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