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Lasuni is a free to play virtual world for anybody aged over 13. Users can access Lasuni directly from their browsers. In Lasuni users can make new friends, complete exciting quests, play mini games and participate in community events. Each user has their own unique avatar allowing them to express themselves and to stand out from the crowd.
Lasuni features many RPG elements but in a flexible context that allows each user to only use the aspects of Lasuni that appeal to them. So if a user only wants to work on their cooking skills, they won’t be penalized for not completing quests. By not placing emphasis on any one aspect of the game it will allow users to play how they want, rather than how we think they want to play creating a more open ended experience.
Users in Lasuni partake in various mini games and activities to earn silver, the free in-game currency; they can then use to purchase rewards, such as customizing their avatar and purchasing other virtual goods.
Lasuni has various features to keep users safe online, including a help system, a word filter and moderation powers staff to ensure the game is kept PG-13 and a fun experience for all users.

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