League of Maidens

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    Maiden Gaming

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    Fighting, Free To Play, MOBA, Shooter, Strategy

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League of Maidens is an action multiplayer third-person online battle arena. Take to battle two gorgeous superhuman women and fight to destroy the enemy base with incredible abilities like sub-sonic flying, jaw dropping strength, an endless supply of projectiles, heavily armored tanks, and the aptly named angels of death: jets, available for Windows.


Super War: Two teams of five are locked in combat to destroy or preserve a base on dynamically lit and varied environments.

Genre Blend: Shoot like it's an FPS, recruit/build resources like an RTS, brawl like a fighter, and fly like a comic book hero.

Marvelous: Customize your maiden to your personal visual and gameplay preferences.

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Game Videos

  • League of Maidens Release Date Trailer

    League of Maidens is a FREE TO PLAY online action RPG game that features beautiful maidens with guns and super powers by the 3-man indie studio Maiden Gami

  • League of Maidens Character Creation Preview

    The League of Maidens developers showcase their extensive character creation engine in this preview. League of Maidens® is 3D Free-to-Play game being dev

  • League of Maidens Dance Emotes & Desert Stage Trailer

    Want to see the sweet, sweet dance moves in League of Maidens? You can see them, and a new stage right here! More information on this link.

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