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Leap of Fate is a cyberpunk themed action game created by Clever Plays. While offering a mix between hack & slash action and rogue-like elements, players will step into the footsteps of a technomancer who battles through hordes of enemies using powerful spells and abilities.


Super Powers: Using your dark fantasy powers, you will control the very shadows themselves to defeat enemies. Upgrade your skills through randomly-generated skill trees.

Unique story: Through engaging storytelling, you must confront the Deck of Fate, a magical tarot deck that makes you face a twisted version of your own existence. Discover the profound and intense stories of four characters.

Procedurally Generated: Battle through randomly created levels and defeat various enemies with unique abilities with each run. Explore various cybernetics labs, dark alleys and secret societies.

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  • Leap of Fate Launch Trailer

    Leap of Fate offers technomancing mayhem in a twisted rendition of New York. Team up with friends with 1 of 4 unique classes and fight to discover the trut

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