Legends of 100 Heroes

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    Super Genius Games

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    2D Fantasy, Fantasy

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Legends of 100 Heroes is a free-to-play fantasy mobile RPG developed by Super Genius Games for iOS and Android. In Legends of 100 Heroes players can explore an entire world full of fantastic visuals and gameplay, leading their team of heroes into epic battles all from the convenience of their mobile devices. You will have all of the tools necessary to manage your unique team of heroes and lead them against their foes, so what are you waiting for? There are heroes out there in desperate need of your leadership!


Unique Art: The world of Legends of 100 Heroes has a uniquely artistic feeling to it with vibrantly designed heroes that help bring it to life.

Singleplayer Mode: Singleplayer Mode will give players the chance to explore a unique, vibrant world and experience epic battles that will help their heroes grow not only in physical strength, but also mental strength.

PvP Battles: Fight against other players' hero teams and get the chance to exact revenge on any players that dare attack your team while you're offline.

Arena Merchants: If you're successful in the arena you'll be able to spend your winnings at different arena merchants who will have some great rewards for you to choose from.

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  • Legends of 100 Heroes Trailer

    The first official trailer for Legends of 100 Heroes, a fantasy mobile game where players can manage their own team of uniquely designed heroes.

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