Legends of Callasia

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    Fantasy, Free To Play, Strategy

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Legends of Callasia is a free to play turn-based fantasy strategy game being developed by Boomzap Entertainment. It is available for PC and Mac on Steam Early Access, and development is underway to bring the game to mobile tablets. In Legends of Callasia you will conquer lands and opponents on a game board with the help of heroes from three different factions. Heroes vary greatly and can bring very different assets to battles, so you will need to plan accordingly for upcoming battles. Don't wait in the hotseat to play an exciting strategy game and instead enjoy the simplistic, graphically impressive design behind Legends of Callasia.


Diverse Heroes: Rogues, mages, knights, and more await your command to help you conquer the world.

Seasonal Game Board: As in-game seasons change watch as your screen adapts with falling leaves and snowflakes. You might even catch a glimpse of dragons flying around.

Multiplayer Matches: Not only can you take on singleplayer campaigns, but you can also enjoy ranked or casual online Multiplayer matches!

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  • Legends of Callasia – Official Launch Trailer

    Legends of Callasia is a forthcoming title from BoomZap Entertainment! Three factions, 30 levels, and lots and lots of hot, strategic action!

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    Available now on Steam Early Access, Legends of Callasia is a simultaneous turn-based strategy game.

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