Legends of Fire & Steel

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  • Developer:
    Boomzap Entertainment

  • Genres:
    2D Fantasy, Strategy

Legends of Fire & Steel is a classic territory capture strategy game designed for PC, Mac, and tablet play, aiming to blend the epic strategy of Civilization and the speed and controls of Risk.


Variety of Heroes: Choose from a wide range of heroes with different abilities and advantages.

Single Player Campaign: Discover the story, unlock new maps and heroes, and discover new lands.

Simultaneous Multiplayer: Play in turn-based simultaneous play in casual and ranked modes, supported by friend, ranking, and leaderboard features.

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Game Videos

  • Legends of Fire and Steel Trailer

    Coming in Q1 2016, Legends of Fire and Steel brings old school world conquest gameplay to mobile devices with real-time multiplayer possibilities.

  • Legends of Fire & Steel Kickstarter Video

    Legends of Fire & Steel is a turn-based multiplayer territory-capture game with board game mechanics.

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