Legends Reborn

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    Bandai Namco

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    Fantasy, Free To Play, Strategy

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Legends Reborn is a free-to-play role-playing game featuring strategical turn-based combat fought with a diverse roster of mythological and historical figures from every era of human history. Assemble a squad of legendary heroes and fight your way through hundreds of campaign missions, difficult guild battles, and global player versus player multiplayer for new iconic characters, powerful equipment, and stories to be told. Available for iOS and Android.


Unbounded Summoner: Collect and upgrade a variety of mythical legends ranging from the Hun-defeating Mulan or sword-in-the-stone King Arthur, to the sinister serpent Medusa.

Accentuated Advisor: Keep in mind the various abilities, effects, strengths, and weaknesses of your fighters to maintain optimal combat conditions.

Taking it Global: Join or create guilds with your friends and take on especially difficult battles, or face off against other players from around the world for incredible rewards.

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    Call upon the greatest warriors from human history and send them into strategic combat against powerful foes.

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