Life Forge

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    Adamant Entertainment

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    2D Fantasy, Fantasy, Free To Play

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Life Forge is a free rpg-maker made MMO. Experience anything you want at any time, there's no one to tell you how or when you should be playing. Fight difficult bosses in explorable dungeons, or just sit back and peacefully gather or craft items, it's your life, your world, available for Windows.


Mount Up!: Quickly travel across the lands with a generous beast.

Custom Pixel Art: Hearing 'rpg-maker made' got you scared? Worry not, all the assets have been lovingly hand-crafted, this is of course in addition to unique gameplay mechanics.

Adventure: Explore the various smaller features of Life Forge on your journey like a skill tree, Zelda-like puzzles, guilds, a threat system, and even stamina management.

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