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Lineage Eternal is the latest MMORPG in the Lineage series. This game incorporates a "drag action" input system where skills are activated by mouse gestures made on the screen. The game seeks to provide the chance to have a heroic experience for the player, such as being able to lead allied troops into a massive siege battle. The main component of gameplay consists of a fast-paced hack-and-slash combat and the strategic use of terrain-based objects.


Dynamic Content: No two dungeons in Lineage Eternal are alike. Thousands of monsters and modules will be randomly generate for each playthrough, lending a unique experience each time. Plowing through hordes of monsters is fun enough already, but when the dungeons themselves are unpredictable, the challenge is endless.

Drag and Hold Controls: Become a part of the action with the unique drag and hold control system in Lineage Eternal. Use your mouse to draw wide arcs around areas you want to cleave with your sword, or light on fire with a spell. Your interaction with the world and the battlefield is more tactile and engaging than ever.

Interactive Environments: Your ability to traverse the varied and layered terrain in Lineage Eternal is myriad and interesting. Need to get higher? Hold onto the feet of a companion as they scale a wall. Is the bridge out? Approach the edge and throw a grappling hook across. The environment is meant to be as dynamic and interactive as possible. Creative thinking is rewarded with creative solutions.

Large-scale Warfare: Players are thrust as heroes into battles containing hundreds and even thousands of enemies and friendly soldiers. Heroes can command troops and lead them to victory over overwhelming odds, on battlefields littered with siege weaponry, hazards, and varying terrain. Attack fortresses or defend the battlements in epic battles unlike anything seen in the genre before.

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