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Linkrealms is a free to play 3D fantasy MMORPG being developed by Mythyn Interactive, LLC and will be available for Windows-based computers. In Linkrealms players can explore a massive, completely open world where they can enjoy building their character in any way they'd like. You could play as a solo miner with just a touch of experience in the magical arts or play as a tank in a guild that seeks success as a group. Servers exist with hardcore old-school PvP rules or more gentle PvE rules to suit different types of players' needs, and free to play actually means free to play in Linkrealms. There will be no paywall in the game and purchases from the in-game store are intended to support development, rather than give players an unfair advantage over one another.


Classless Gameplay: Classes don't exist in Linkrealms and any skills can be learned by any character of any race.

Land Ownership: Players can own their very own realm and use it to their liking, whether that liking be a guild hall or a castle to show off their own supremacy.

Advanced AI: Enemies will have an innate sense for danger that allows them to avoid it while working in teams to take down any threats.

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  • Linkrealms – Official Trailer

    The official trailer for Linkrealms, a free to play 3D sandbox MMORPG with classless gameplay and a whole world to explore!

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