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Lord of Dice is a free-to-play RPG with strategic elements developed by Ciousya for iOS and Android. In Lord of Dice players can become a "breaker", a team made up of different characters fighting to get their memories back and escape from the Tower of Eternity. Lord of Dice contains a unique mix of cuteness, intensity, and strategy that will leave you ready for more. Hidden complexities will keep you intrigued and trying to discover even more strategies to take down your enemies!


Chibi Characters: The Dicers have forgotten their memories and been reduced to chibi forms of themselves. Help them regain their memories and change with each evolution.

Board Battles: Throw dice to move your Dicers around the battlefield while eliminating monsters and avoiding traps in the process.

PvP Matches: Fight on enclosed boards in PvP battles that don't have an endpoint like regular PvE boards. Here you will have to eliminate your foes to succeed.

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