Lords of Evil

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    Ray Flame Entertainment

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Game Features:
1. Guild System (Players may found or join in a guild, and the guild may be upgraded. Then all the guild members’ materials and resources will increase additionally as a consequence. Thus the stronger will gain even more power.)
2. Battle System: Different guilds may vie with each other for resources of mineral products. And the winner will obtain abundant treasures.
3. Game client forms in flash without the need of downloading, thus enabling you to enjoy the fun brought by fierce wars freely and simply.

The origin and creation of Zeniken has remained mystery for tens of thousands of years. Some people theorized that a catastrophic cosmic explosion in the deep Orgim Ocean and rose the land from the ocean floor. Others believed that Zeniken was created as a whole by a single powerful entity. Although the exact origin of the mysterious land remains uncertain, it is clear that 2 different races, human and orc, have been peacefully live in and share the land together. Ruled by their wise king, Leorudius, human were able to strengthen their civilization with advance technologies and machineries. Orcs were also to become stronger with their improved weaponries. As the two become stronger and more numerous, their demands on resources to support their own kind become more and more intense each day. The tension between the two seems to outbreak in the near future, and some of the extreme advocates from each side began to plan their tactics to over power the other race.

Lords of Evil is a complex game of strategy, ingenuity, and power. As you strive to become a top player in LoE you must allocate your resources and military forces strategically. Are you a defensive player looking to become powerful in resource levels and defensive buildings? Will you choose to walk the offensive path and brutalize people with your strong military force and take the resources you want? Addictive, fun, and a with great development team, Lords of Evil, remains to be one of the future great web based strategy games meant for players of all ages! What are you waiting for? Your kingdom awaits!

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    Lords of Evil is a complex browser based game of strategy and power. As you strive to become a top player in LoE you must allocate your resources and milit

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