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    Eskil Steenberg

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Love is an MMORPG created by one man named Eskil Steenberg. Long before the creation of Minecraft and many similar titles, Love was released back in 2010, but has become free-to-play in 2012. Unlike many MMORPGs, the content in Love is almost entirely procedurally generated. There are no pre-determined quests but instead, the gameplay is emergent from the interactions of players with each other, with NPCs and the environment.


Life functions: Create a settlement with other players, then defend it from 5 different AI-controlled tribes.

Unique visuals: Love uses a simplistic but unique art style that makes the world feel like a living oil painting.

Create and explores: Explore the world and find "Tokens" to give your settlement new abilities and items, use tools to reshape the environment, traverse the terrain using tools and jump skills to gain access to new areas.

100% free-to-play: Download and play without any subscriptions or micro-transactions.

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