Luigi’s Mansion 3

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    Next Level Games

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Help Luigi rescue Mario and the gang from King Boo in the action adventure game: Luigi's Mansion 3, for the Nintendo Switch.

Business Model: Retail 59.99

Microtransactions: Yes/No, Types of Microtransactions (Cosmetic, Experience, DLC, etc)

Key Features:

Git G-00'd: You'll need the latest in Boo bustin' tech to make it through this caper. Wield the Poltergust G-00 to fire suction-cup ammo, blow gusts of wind, and various other techniques.

It's Not Easy Being Green (Mario): You'll need to use your new pal Gooigi, a doppelganger created by Professor E. Gadd to help you bypass the traps and tribulations of the Last Resort hotel.

Bring a Friend: Up to 8 players can join in the fun at one time in co-operative ghost grabbing action.

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