Luna Online

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    EYA Interactive

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Prepare for unending adventure in Luna Online!

Customize your character and embark on a journey to the magical floating isles of the Blue Land! Join the armies of humans, elves, and dwarves as they band together to harness the power of the Goddess Luna and turn back the tide of evil demons threatening to destroy their world forever!

Are you brave enough to face these challenges? You'll need to master Luna's Online’s 40 dynamic job classes and make new friends and allies to become Luna Online's next great hero! Featuring hundreds of quests, a robust farming system, and innovative matchmaking features, including date instances, Luna Online is a game like no other, giving you the chance to become a hero, make new friends, and maybe even find true love too!

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  • Very Happy Trailer!

    Happy Happy Joy Joy, if this trailer doesn't make you happy and upbeat Luna Online probably isn't for you!

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  • adeja

    i want to play this game and i do not know how to do it

    • Mr person

      It shut down a while ago.

      • unknown

        Luna Online closed down but there’s Celestia Luna Online

  • robloxfan16

    just play roblox

    its better ive played lune online its boring

    • RobloxHater


    • Don’t be dissing Luna Online. It’s about 10x as good as that rip off of Minecraft.

  • lololololololo24

    how do i play or start the game?

  • moonlord

    what happen in luna plus?

  • moonlord

    luna online cant back again??