Mad Machines

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    Hero Blocks ApS

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Welcome to the world of Mad Machines, a brutal sportsball game that puts you, the player, in control of magnetic robot contestants trying to score points with the spikey-ball of doom. Smash through your opponents to score goals with your team and take sweet sweet victory.

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Key Features:

Panzers are the name of the robotic contestants in this virtual sport, and they come in three types:

The speedy "Choppers" who move about the battlefield on the attack.

The hourglass like "Ship" who acts as midfielder and can take a beating.

And the robust "Viking" that will leave a mark if you get within reach, but is more toirtose than hare.

True Madness: Mad Machines supports up to 100 players in a single match

Tactical Play: Manipulate the ball in a variety of ways, from magnetizing it to forcing it to extend its spikes as you hurl it into an opponent.

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    Hero Blocks ApS has relaunched their endless runner arena, Mad Machines, on Steam today for $9.99.

  • Mad Machines Launch Trailer

    Hero Blocks ApS brings a game that totally isn't Rocket League with robots instead of cars. Or is it? Coming this fall to the Discord store!

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