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Maegica follows the well beaten path of browser based empire building games. But what sets it apart is the vast amount of items, heroes, and tactics you can call to arms to overcome your enemies. A fanciful and unique anime art-style also helps compliment the look and feel of the game. It gave me the feel that I was playing an alternate Fire Emblem.


Living World: Whether you are online or afk, the world will continue to grow and evolve.

3 Faction System: Show your allegiance to one of 3 warlords and join their ranks in a battle for domination ofthe realm.

144 Heroes: Do battle with and force hundreds of heroes under your banner. It feels like Pokemon!

Alliance Battles: Do battle against 100 players with up to 500 hero characters at one time. This is one of the most epic battle modes a browser strategy game has ever produced.

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