Magic the Gathering Tactics

Note: This game has been cancelled or shut down and is no longer available for play.
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    Sony Online Entertainment

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Magic: The Gathering - Tactics will allow players to command forces of dramatic 3D figures and powerful spell cards pulled from the Magic: The Gathering Multiverse. Players can participate in single player scenarios or jump right into PVP action against other players worldwide, 24 hours per day.

Magic: The Gathering – Tactics is expected to feature regular content expansions, a robust tournament environment, an achievement and rankings program, and original stories of the Planeswalkers of Magic: The Gathering.

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Game Videos

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    A new dimension of Magic: The Gathering. Build your legacy!

  • MtG:Tactics Teaser

    Magic fans rejoice. Wizards of the Coast is teaming up with Sony Online Entertainment to bring you Magic the Gathering: Tactics.

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