Mankind Reborn

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    Far Frontier Studios

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    Sci-Fi, Shooter

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Mankind Reborn is an MMO set in the near future within a cyberpunk setting. Developed by Far Frontier, Mankind Reborn will offer a variety of foci for players to enjoy, from crafting to adventuring and exploring, to of course dominating the economy.


Politics: An involved government system will allow players to vote for various positions, including president of the Terran Union.

Factions: Players will choose one of eight player factions to belong to, giving a wide range of political, economical, and militaristic roles to emerge, all determined by the players.

UE4: The latest and greatest graphics engine bringing you breathtaking visuals in a cyberpunk game.

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  • Mankind Reborn Reveal Teaser

    Reveal Teaser to the spiritual successor of "Face of Mankind", Mankind Reborn is a Cyberpunk MMO Shooter made on the Unreal Engine 4 by Far Frontier Studio

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