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Medal Masters is a free-to-play 3D mobile casual game developed by Enfeel for iOS and Android. In Medal Masters you can experience a cute, anime-inspired world that has been taken over by an army of cursed heroes and their leader, the Devil. You will need to defeat the cursed heroes with your own team of heroes and quick reflexes, working your way to the Devil himself to take him out. With so many things for you to do, a whole slew of elemental heroes for you to collect, and its reaction based Blitz skill system Medal Masters is sure to keep you busy and tapping away at your phone!


Elemental Heroes: Collect over 245 heroes, each with their own element that they have been attributed.

Upgrade and Awaken: Increase the strength of your heroes by upgrading them or awakening them into stronger versions of themselves.

Blitz System: Use your skills at just the right moments, but make sure you're as accurate as possible while you're tapping away to get the full effectiveness of them!

Pillage Wars: Battle against other players in Pillage Wars where it is loot or be looted. You'll need to make sure not to anger the wrong person in fear of retaliation!

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