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Megaweapon gives you a rapid paced top-down shooter experience against tons of different opponents. Feel free to customize your character however you want, and collect a ton of different weapons to show off. During the match, find the parts and you can even build your own megaweapon, because fighting fair is for second place.

Business Model: Free to Play

Microtransactions: Blockchain/NFT

Key Features:

Team Death Arena For All: Megaweapon features multiple exciting game modes to try, including Team Deathmatch and Free-For-All matches.

The Rule of Cool: If you think it, you can become it. Customize your character's looks and collect tons of weapons along the way to really polish that iconic drip.

A Weapon to Surpass: Who said fighting fair was a rule? Gather the parts for it during matches and you too can build the titular Megaweapon.  Perfect for decimating your opponents!

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  • MEGAWEAPON Official Public Beta Trailer

    We are proud to announce that you can now find MegaWeapon on the HyperPlayGaming store! Download HyperPlay today to get in on all of the explosive action!

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