Mercury Race

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  • Developer:
    Herrero Games

  • Genres:
    Racing, Sci-Fi, Shooter

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Mercury Race is a retro-futuristic local/online multiplayer arcade game mixing together unique shooting mechanics and breakneck-paced driving. Take your pick from 1 of 8 ships and prove to your friends, and the world, your skill from behind the steering wheel... er, turret... well, both, more accurately. Available for PC, Consoles, and VR.


Both Hands on Deck: Experience third-person shooting and racing like never before.

Olympian: Conquer over a dozen circuits taking bronze, silver, or highly coveted gold medals.

Dusty Decade: Dive into a time gone by with the '80s inspired soundtrack.

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  • Mercury Race Trailer

    Drive and shoot with '80s tunes and wacky splitscreen antics!

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