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Metal Carnage is a buy-to-play indie action racing game developed by Playvision for PC and Mac and is available for purchase on Steam. In the near future resources are rapidly depleting and governments are no longer in control of the global economy. Instead private corporations run the world and they are constantly at arms over the few resources that are left, but who is to fight for them? That's where you come in. You will become a raider, selling your services to these corporations and accomplishing localized missions for them. Fight well with your well-armed vehicle and you will be duly rewarded for your efforts, but you'd be surprised just how much tactic and thought goes into a raider's daily life.


Vehicle Customization: Customize your vehicles with armor and weapons to turn them into a machine of pure destruction. Sharp turns and earth-shattering explosions will become a part of every mission you go on!

Deathmatch Modes: Play in regular Deathmatch where players battle in a free-for-all game mode trying to destroy each other, or Team Deathmatch where two squads with up to 5 raiders will battle it out with unlimited spawns.

Fast-paced Combat: This isn't your average racing game, especially when the cars are outfitted with deadly weapons. Speed, precision, and a calm head will all come in handy as you race around trying to blow up enemies.

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