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MetaWorld is a VR virtual world simulation game developed by HelloVR for PC with early access versions available for purchase on the game's official website. In MetaWorld players can experience a 20,000 square mile, massively scaled open world with activities and adventures that can be experienced with others. Explore, create, make friends, run your virtual business, and make friends with your neighbors! Make your living space what you want it to be and craft a life for yourself like none other!


Activities: In MetaWorld you can go hunting, fishing, camping, snorkeling, sailing, go-karting and more! Realistic physics simulations ensure that you're going to have a natural, fluid time doing tons of cool things with other players.

Simulation Creation: What makes MetaWorld even more of a lifelike experience is you can build and share your simulations. You can even monetize them in a marketplace system and sell them to other players!

Persistent World: The game world in MetaWorld is persistent in nature, truly adding to the feeling that the world is living and breathing. If you move an object or leave it somewhere else it will be there whether you're logged in or not until either you or another person decides to move it again.

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