Middle-Earth: Shadow of War

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Middle-Earth: Shadow of War is an open-world third-person action RPG taking place in the Tolkien universe. Take on the role of a Gondor ranger named Talion sharing his body with the Elf Lord Celebrimbor and work to fuel the fires of rebellion by building up an insurmountable amount of power.

Bring the fight to Sauron as you forge a new ring of power, duel nemeses, gain followers, amass an army, plan out complex strategies, and conquer fortresses across Morder. Available for the Xbox One, PlaySation 4, and Windows.


One Does Simply: Explore the land picking up on quests, storylines, bases, allies, and powerful equipment.

Today, Enemy; Tomorrow, Friend: Battle and subjugate powerful rivals in the dynamically evolving nemesis system.

BOGO: Utilize the unique talents and properties of both halves of your hero.

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