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Minecraft is an open world, sandbox style game available across multiple platforms including PC, Mac, Linux, Xbox 360/One, PlayStation 3/4, Wii U, iOS, and Android - basically it's available on any platform under the sun for endless blocky adventuring and fun! The Minecraft world gives you the freedom to become whatever you want and shape your surroundings as you please. Whether you want to be a miner, warrior, smith, cook, builder, enchanter, all of these, or anything in between there is an opportunity available for you in this game!

Business Model: Retail, price varies depending on platform.

Microtransactions: Players may purchase Minecoins in game. Minecoins may then be spent on the Minecraft Marketplace for a variety of cosmetics, adventure packs, minigames and various community created content.


Endless Replayability: Randomly generated worlds and spawn points make each new world an adventure like no other. You can even travel to other worlds within your world like the Nether or the End.

Two Modes: Test your ability to survive in Survival, or create freely in Creative mode with unlimited resources.

Mods & Skins: Minecraft users may import mods and skins to customize and change their gameplay. There is a massive community out there with tons of content to choose from.

Play Alone, With Friends or Strangers: Play solo, or join local, online, and even massive scale servers to suit your social needs and playstyle.


Pretty Scary Update: Added new boss "The Wither", anvil, command block, the beacon, and new food items

Redstone Update: Added and improved many blocks that are powered by "Restone". Most of these blocks have to do with automation and creating circuits to that end.

Horse Update: Added Horses and leads, coal blocks, resource packs, and a new launcher, among other things.

The Update that Changed the World: Improved world generation with new biome generator, new bione variations, new terrain generator, new trees, new spawn system, custom-sized nether portals, new fish and a fishing system with rewards, as well as increased customization options.

Bountiful Update: Features added for mapmakers and new survival features.

Combat Update: A virtually complete overhaul of the combat system.

Frostburn Update: An "auto-jump" feature added which would allow players to automatically jump up to a block that was one block higher than their current block. Prior to 1.10 any vertical movement not on a ramp or ladder required pressing the jump button. Also added mobs and blocks associated with hot and cold biomes.

Exploration Update: Added new spawn eggs, llamas, new enemy type mobs, and explorer maps.

World of Colour Update: Added new colorful blocks, parrots, functions, and dyable beds.

Update Aquatic: New aquatic biomes added, giving variation to water. New pre-generated structures such as shipwrecks, icebergs, and underwater ruins. New mostly aquatic mobs. Added new "buffet" mode, which generates a world containing only a single biome.

Expansion Name: Brief summary of all content added by this expansion

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