Minimal Move

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    Tako Studio

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Minimal Move is a 3D cooperative puzzle game taking place in a bizarro world of strange cubes, silly characters, and head-scratching conundrums. Join space investigators Kaiten and Ido as they investigate a unknown distress signal and its accompanying host of secrets. Find the facts, reveal the mystery.

Business Model: Buy-to-Play

Microtransactions: No

Key Features:

Simply Simple: Get everyone in on the fun. Just move or rotate blocks to reach the previously inaccessible portals.

Smarties: Take command of either the jolly and comical cube-rotating Kaiten, or the calm and sophisticated cube-moving Ido. Keep in mind you'll have to control both in the single-player mode!

Brain Food: Travel through seven uniquely-themed environments solving diverse puzzles by the dozens.

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    After landing on a strange planet, two space investigators must uncover the truth behind a mysterious distress call and solve brain-bending puzzles along t

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