Minions of Mirth

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    Prairie Games

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    Windows, Mac

Minions of Mirth contains both a single-player mode and a massively multiplayer online mode. The game is set in the fantasy world of Mirth, where the Elemental Lords are pitted in a struggle for domination against the Blight. Players align themselves either with the Fellowship of Light or the Minions of Darkness, creating characters of different races such as Dark Elves, Drakken, Dwarves, Elves, Gnomes, Goblins, Halflings, Humans, Ogres, Orcs, Titans and Trolls, and different classes such as Barbarians, Assassins, Clerics, Druids, Monks and more.

As players play on they go on quests which allow them to unlock new capabilities within the game; they can also “Craft” by combining items to create new items; enchant objects; join guilds and much more.

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