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Miscreated is a 3D survival MMORPG developed by Entrada Interactive LLC and is available for purchase on Steam Early Access for PC. In Miscreated a world-wide war has monumentally decreased the human population due to nuclear warfare and the spreading of radiation sickness. A company created a vaccine to cure the radiation sickness, but it ended up reacting poorly with the sickness and resulted in the mutation of those who were vaccinated. Now your priorities have switched from helping the war effort to merely fighting for survival in a lawless world of mutated creatures and other survivors; some friendly, some not so much.


Full Day Cycle: Miscreated's world implements a 24 hour day/night cycle that is determined based on the server you are connected to.

Permanent Death: Death in Miscreated is permanent, resulting in the loss of all of your items. You and other players will be able to pick up your lost items at the place where you were killed.

Open World PvP: Players can fight against each other at anytime, anywhere. Remember that survival is your number one priority, so you will have to make sure that your friends can be trusted with your life.

Resource Management: Both food and water levels will affect a player's efficiency. These levels will need to be carefully managed and kept high if players want to function at maximum performance.

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  • Jack Childers

    i have over 200+ hours on this game within the past 3-4 months. AWESOME GAME MUST CHECK IT OUT! Its available on steam. catch me at twitch.tv/wheatbread0718