Mist of Stagnation

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    Osiris Studios

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Mist of Stagnation is a multiplayer RTS/FPS set in a fantasy steampunk world. Two teams gather resources by holding Control Points in order to advance their technology. During each match, the commander - a huge Steampunk Mech - builds upgrades for their team's weapons, vehicles, armor, and more. Inside the Mech's cockpit, the commander has access to the game's real-time strategy component, while also able to assist their team in first-person perspective in holding objectives. Should a Commander fail to inspire and lead, a team can mutiny and place someone else in the position - putting the pressure on performance.

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  • Mist Of Stagnation Kickstarter Video

    What happens when RTS and FPS collide aboard an airship? Mist of Stagnation's Kickstarter Video gives an overview of their project.

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